Roswitha van der Markt hat mich mit Ihrem Vortrag nachhaltig tief beeindruckt und begeistert. Sie war sehr souverän und inhaltlich extrem wertvoll. Danke für diese Vorbild-Funktion.

Vielen Dank für Deine Informationen und das Training in der letzten Woche. Ich konnte einiges mitnehmen für unseren internen Transformationsprozess und die Beratung unserer Kunden.

The idea of bringing health & fitness in our busy life is so important. I really admire the fact your are able to combine a successful professional life with such an active healthy lifestyle – you are an inspiration to us all.

My key learning experience from your very valuable training was that there is a personal choice decision, which can obviously be influenced by a Manager, but unless there is self realization or reflection from this individual to change then with all the best intentions change will not be effective. On reflection the power of your messages coming from an external influence, which has experienced the same sort of issues we are facing was a distinct advantage.